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Crystal Angel: The Church and the Civil Rights Struggle in the South

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A small town church provides an outlet for Angie Shook to display her singing voice, but a relationship with its married minister sends her into the sordid world of cabaret performing in New Orleans.  Seeking recovery and a new beginning, Angie moves to Birmingham and falls in love.  Unfortunately, she faces an inevitable confrontation with her former lover who is a leader in the church’s struggle to resist racial desegregation.  Angie is drawn into the conflict by her friendship with Reverend Peterson who, against all odds, presses his congregation to embrace their black brethren in worship.   The gift of a crystal angel necklace emerges as a surprise solution to Angie’s dilemma.     

What they are saying about Crystal Angel: The Church and the Civil Rights Struggle in the South:

“The writing is excellent; a good style that kept my attention.”  Bob Morgan

“The story is written of strong stuff convincingly and with authority—opening several doors of the Church that I’m sure it would rather keep closed and locked.”  Don Brown, Editor The Tuscaloosa News, retired.

“The author has a great gift for drawing the reader forward.”  Lynne Berry, Board Member, Alabama Writers Forum and the Alabama Humanities Foundation.

“As a minister’s wife, I found it difficult to accept some characters; however, Bishop Grand is the symbol for the leadership of all denominations that found appeasement to be the easier path during Birmingham’s civil rights dilemma.”  Penny Bostick

“Bob Whetstone is a good storyteller.  Crystal Angel, like Grave Dancin’ will keep you turning pages to see what happens to the life-like characters he has created.”  Opal Norris, Bible study leader.